Thursday, March 28, 2013

How Does He Do It?

I'm waking up slowly and groggy this morning, but keenly aware that my husband is some kind of super hero in disguise. Although I  think he's officially blown his cover now.

He works hard. At work and at home. He gives his all to everything he does. When he's at work, he's excelling. When he's at home, he's selfless and devoted, 100% ours. He has no downtime and almost never takes time for himself.

And I does he do it?

Lst night when we got home from church, it became quickly obvious that our oldest was not feeling well. He devleoped a fever, headache, sore throat, etc., in pretty rapid form. And He's a needy fella when he doesn't fell well, so we knew it was going to be a long night. Right away, my sweet hubby tells me to take it easy on myself, let tomorrow be a tv day, don't push school, don't push myself, etc. He's saying all this because he knows that this is exactly what I do. Push myself and struggle with guilt when I don't live up to my own insanely high expectations. He tells me he knows the kids will be fine, but he's worried about me. Really?

And it was a ROUGH night with our fevered little guy. We finally got 4 hours of restless sleep until he woke up exhausted and fevered again. And of course he wanted Daddy (he's a Daddy's boy!), so my hubby took him up to his room, gave him medicine, drinks, calmed him down, etc. When my husband finally came downstairs, there was only 40 minutes until his alarm was set to go off. Despite my best efforts to talk him out of it, he decided to just go ahead and hop in the shower and start his day. After only 4 hours of sleep.

Watching him shut the door to the bathroom while I lay in our warm bed kind of broke my heart. But also made me fully grateful for the husband I have, I truly think there's no one like him. I can't believe God saw fit to make him mine, but I'm grateful that he did.

If you've ever met my husband, you know he's very humble. He'll probably hate reading this post, as he has a hard time accepting compliments and admitting his awesomeness. And I know from our many years together that he will tell me, among many sweet things, that it is all Jesus. Jesus is how he does it. He's the man he is because of Jesus. And I can't deny that.

For husbands, this means love your wives, just as Christ loved the church. He gave up his life for her. Ephesians 5:25

My husband exemplifies this in our home. He is humble and patient, loving and kind. And above all, he is selfless. He lays down his life for us, and for Christ, daily.

So, I'll be praying for God to fill him with energy and alertness today. And I'll do my best to make sure he gets to sleep in tomorrow (he's off work). But I doubt he'll let me. He loves early mornings at home with his boy...while the girls of the house are sleeping, lol.

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