Tuesday, April 2, 2013

You Know Those Days...

You know those days...the days when you feel like you're in the trenches? The days when you feel like you've failed in every possible way as a Momma/Wife/Friend?

That's kind of what we've got going on here today. Sick kiddos, who are also tired from a jam packed weekend. Cranky, snotty noses everywhere, lots of frustration, and way too much arguing and disobeying. And a messy house. Ugh. Although, my oldest did finally sleep through the night last night for the first time in almost a week.

Unfortunately his sister didn't.

But, alas, it is naptime. The golden hour when, if my kids actually sleep (and they are today), Mommy gets to rejuvinate. Make ready to try again. Change the atmosphere of my home for the better. So I'm gonna clean, plan something for dinner and spend some time in the Word and prayer. I expect a turn-around here!

Hope your day is blessed! If it is a little out of sorts like mine, get to praying/worshipping/reading the Bible. You'll be amazed at how the atmosphere will change. You set the tone, Momma!

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