Saturday, February 7, 2015

Why Classical Conversations Rocks!

I'm not going to pretend like it is for everyone. I realize that some people just don't get it, and some people just don't want to. But if you're considering Classical Conversations, read on! 

I will admit that It was hard for me to let go and trust the process in the beginning. But my kids have proven me wrong on a regular basis. I can't believe what they've learned so far! And having the privilege of watching the high-schoolers interact during their seminars has shown me that there really is no better way...those kids are amazing! Here are our family's reasons for choosing (and loving) Classical Conversations:

1. It is fun! My kids love to learn by song, movement, games, etc. and having a tutor model every week means I don't have to come up with my own ideas. What kids want to sit and do worksheets all day!?! *Hint: not mine

2. It's easy on Momma! I don't have to reinvent the wheel every week. See above. :)

3. It works for all of my children. We can all memorize skip counting and the timeline together, making my daily life easier. BUT - and this is a big one for me - we add in our own math/reading/writing, depending on my kid's needs. We aren't stuck doing addition with my first grader, who would prefer to be adding fractions. And we aren't forced to learn letter sounds with my preschooler when she is already reading. Much of our work is the same & can be done together, but we have flexibility with those subjects that vary from child to child. 

4. I am still my children's teacher. Classical Conversations will never usurp my authority in my children's education. *And if I want to take a vacation in the middle of September and miss a week or two, I can.*

5. Friendship, community, and accountability. These are self explanatory, but oh so important. My kids and I have already made lasting friendships & enjoyed many field trips and play dates with our Classical Conversations community.

6. Science and art. I don't mind painting at home, making a mess, etc. But again...the planning. And I'm not naturally a science person. My kids are learning the scientific method through experiments and lab sheets and projects. They're learning about famous composers & the orchestra, famous artists, completing art projects, music & instruments. Last year we had a bridge building contest between all of the classes - it was so cool! I could do this stuff at home, but it wouldn't compare.

7. My children are learning how to learn. How to think logically. How to reason and deduct. They will be able to learn and master anything with these skills. 

8. Presentations. I am an outgoing person, but I still hate public speaking. It is a necessary skill, but one that few people posess. With Classical Conversations, my children are giving a presentation every single week from the time they are 4. It starts out simple...suggested topics, show & tell, whatever the child is comfortable with. We learn how to be a good listener and how to be a good speaker. I could never replicate this at home because my kids aren't nervous about presenting to Mommy. 

9. Unbeatable academic curriculum. I can't believe what my kids are retaining, and I'm thrilled knowing where they are headed in those Challenge (jr.high/high school) years! Check the statistics in the Classical Conversations catalog...these kids know their stuff! I love where these younger years are leading. I've never seen any public or private school that compares to what those students get out of a Challenge seminar. 

10. God is woven into everything we do. Not only that, but my kids will also learn about what other religions are out there and be able to wrestle with differing ideas, eventually articulating their own reasons for their belief in Christ.

I could go on and on and on, but dinner is ready to be made and you are probably ready to move on with your day. ;)

In all seriousness, though, check out your local Classical Conversations community. Find it at

And please, if you are interested...don't let the costs scare you away. They are minimal for what you get. It is a worthy sacrifice. Our first year we were very hesitant because money is tight. But now that I've been through it...I realize how much it's worth. We will sacrifice, use our tax return, whatever we have to do. Because my children are worth the investment. 

I hope you've enjoyed my list! I'm sure you have something to add, so If you are involved in Classical Conversations, comment below with your favorite things!