Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Homemade Scarf Hanger

We had some wood leftover from the awesome swingset my hubby recently built...
Can't remember if I put a picture in the post about this massive undertaking, so here it is in case I didn't!
And when I was in Cincinnati for my birthday (thanks mom, sis and hubby!) I saw a towel hanger at my sister's that I really liked. Hers was beach themed and oh so cute. So I decided to make something like it for all of my scarves. I stained a leftover section of wood and bought some half-off knobs from Hobby-Lobby. My hubby drilled several holes in the wood once the stain was dry and we screwed in the knobs, then had added a hanger to the back.
Simple and cheap, but super cute. Just what a thrifty Momma wants, right!?!
I think you could take this concept and use it in a million different ways, so let's get crafting!

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