Sunday, September 11, 2011

Mom is my "mission field"

Lately I feel like God has been telling me in little whispers to think of being a mom as my “mission field.” That this is a stage in my life when I need to focus on my children as if they were the hungry, homeless people that need fed. Not that I shouldn’t serve in any capacity outside of my family. There is still a lost world that needs to be reached. Instead, the message from Him is to reframe my thinking about my job as a mom and take the pressure off of myself when it comes to service outside the home. I need to pour into my kids like I would someone I encountered who was lost and hurting and needing to know the goodness of the Lord Jesus. My kids aren’t lost and hurting, but they still need to know the goodness of Jesus and it is my job (and Daddy’s) to teach them. That’s such an important part of my role as a parent. Instead of putting much of my focus on the hurting world, God is reminding me daily that my kids are my “mission field” and for this short stage of life when they’re young, I need to serve them and teach them. My husband and I are their windows to Jesus right now and we need to make sure we open the windows wide and let the Light in!

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